Smart Automatic Irrigation System

The V4 Irrigation controller is a modern, intelligent controller designed for automated and precise irrigation control.

The V2 Irrigation controller is a sophisticated yet cost-effective device designed for automated irrigation control.

The V3 Irrigation controller is the latest generation of intelligent irrigation controllers, offering advanced features and capabilities for precise and efficient irrigation control.

Irrigation controller

How an automatic irrigation system works

Sensors: The automatic irrigation system uses sensors installed to detect soil moisture, temperature and other parameters. These sensors can detect the moisture content in the soil, temperature, etc., and transmit the data to the control system.
Data analysis: After receiving the data from the sensor, the control system analyzes the data according to the preset algorithms and procedures. These algorithms can determine the water requirement and irrigation time of the plants, and formulate the corresponding irrigation plan accordingly.
Irrigation program: According to the irrigation plan, the automatic irrigation system automatically controls the operation of the irrigation equipment. This can be achieved through drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drenching, etc. The water source for irrigation can be tap water, rainwater, recycled water, etc.
Timers and counters: Automatic irrigation systems use timers and counters to precisely control the timing and flow of irrigation. The timer can set the time and frequency of irrigation, while the counter can record the number and flow of irrigation in order to better grasp the water needs of plants and irrigation effects.
Automatic shutdown: After irrigation is completed, the automatic irrigation system automatically closes the irrigation valve to avoid waste of water resources.
Monitoring and maintenance: Automatic irrigation systems require regular monitoring and maintenance, such as regular cleaning of filters, inspection of pipes and valves, etc., to ensure the normal operation and effect of the system.

product Feature

Soil sensor

soil sensor can quickly and accurately detect various soil parameters, such as humidity, temperature, pH, etc., to help users understand the condition of the soil, so as to develop more efficient planting and management programs

V3 Irrigation controller

V3 Irrigation controller uses high-precision sensors and measurement technology to provide accurate soil moisture and weather data to ensure accuracy and effectiveness

Soil detector

Soil detector can monitor the condition of the soil in real time, react and adjust in time according to the change of soil parameters, so as to better control and manage the growth environment of plants.

Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve enables precise flow and pressure control through electromagnetic control, which is suitable for situations where precise control of fluid delivery is required.

V4+V2 Irrigation controller

The V4+V2Irrigation controller offers a higher level of automation to automatically adjust irrigation plans and flows according to the environment and plant needs for more precise, automated irrigation.

V1 Irrigation controller

V1 Irrigation controller allows users to set irrigation time and flow rate manually. Applicable to scenarios where automatic control is not required.

Project case

Iot sensing technology is combined with water and fertilizer integrated irrigation technology to achieve continuous and accurate monitoring and installation of plant, soil and climate data.

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