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We are a specialized agricultural irrigation solution company committed to providing farmers with efficient and reliable agricultural irrigation equipment and solutions. We understand the unique needs of different regions, climate conditions, soil types, and crops to provide custom-tailored irrigation solutions that support crop growth and yield improvement.

Automatic irrigation system
About our irrigation system

The automatic irrigation system uses sensors to detect soil moisture and temperature, and transmits data such as moisture content, temperature and humidity in the soil to the control system. After receiving the data from the sensor, the control system analyzes the humidity and temperature required by the plant according to the preset conditions and algorithms, and decides whether irrigation is needed.

Automatic irrigation systems have the following advantages:

Improve efficiency:

The automatic irrigation system can automatically detect the water demand of plants and carry out automatic irrigation according to the preset program, which greatly improves the efficiency of irrigation and avoids the waste of water resources.

Strong adaptability:

Automatic irrigation system can adapt to different environments and plant types, according to different needs and conditions of automatic irrigation, improve the adaptability and flexibility of the system.

Precise control:

The automatic irrigation system can accurately control the irrigation time and flow through timers and counters, avoiding the problem of excessive or insufficient irrigation and improving the irrigation effect.



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