V2 Irrigation Controller – Automatic Irrigation System

V2 Irrigation Controller – Automatic Irrigation System

V2 Irrigation Controller

V2 Irrigation Controller

The V2 Irrigation Controller is a state-of-the-art device that allows you to automate your irrigation system.  With the V2, you can create custom watering schedules, set up rain delays, and even control your system remotely from your smartphone.

About V2 Irrigation Controller

The features of the V2 Irrigation Controller

Custom watering schedules: Create watering schedules that fit your specific needs. You can water different zones at different times, and you can even set up repeating schedules.

Rain delays: The V2 can automatically delay watering if it rains. This helps you save water and prevent overwatering.

Remote control: Use your smartphone or tablet to control the V2 from anywhere. You can start or stop watering, change schedules, and view system status.

V2 Irrigation Controller

The benefits of using a V2 Irrigation Controller

Save water: Automated irrigation systems can help you save water by watering your lawn and plants only when they need it.

Save time: You won’t have to manually turn your sprinklers on and off anymore. The V2 will do it for you.

Reduce stress: No more worrying about whether or not you watered your lawn. The V2 will take care of it for you.

Improved plant health: Automated irrigation systems can help your plants grow healthier and more vibrant.

Irrigation Controllers

V2 Irrigation Controller Parameters

Power supply:12V-24V DC

Operating temperature:-20~60°C

Maximum power consumption:0.4W

Working humidity:15~90%(no condensation)

Output signal:4G

Energy consumption:≤0.15W

Response time:≤1s

Work pressure:0.9-1.1atm

Irrigation Controllers
Irrigation Controller
Irrigation Controllers

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