Automatic watering system

The Automatic Watering System is an advanced automated irrigation system designed to provide plants with the appropriate amount of water needed for growth. This system utilizes sensors and technology to monitor plant water requirements and utilizes an intelligent controller for precise watering.

Agricultural irrigation system

An agricultural irrigation system refers to a set of infrastructure and techniques used for irrigating crops and pastures to maintain the soil moisture and promote plant growth.

Garden irrigation system

A garden irrigation system is a set of equipment and techniques used to irrigate gardens, lawns, and landscapes to maintain the soil moisture and promote plant growth.

automatic garden watering

Automatic garden watering is a convenient and efficient system that enables gardens and landscapes to be automatically irrigated, ensuring that plants receive the necessary amount of water for healthy growth.

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Automatic irrigation system

The automatic irrigation system uses sensors to detect soil moisture and temperature, and transmits data such as moisture content, temperature and humidity in the soil to the control system. After receiving the data from the sensor, the control system analyzes the humidity and temperature required by the plant according to the preset conditions and algorithms, and decides whether irrigation is needed.

V4 Irrigation controller

The V4 Irrigation controller is a modern, intelligent controller designed for automated and precise irrigation control.

V2 Irrigation controller

The V2 Irrigation controller is a sophisticated yet cost-effective device designed for automated irrigation control.
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Iot sensing technology is combined with water and fertilizer integrated irrigation technology to achieve continuous and accurate monitoring and installation of plant, soil and climate data.

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